Enago.com Review

Enago.com is one of the best proofreading services that is available on the web. They are a leading provider of English editing services for ESL authors/researchers intending to publish in international peer reviewed English journals. They currently have over 250 qualified and experienced native English proofreaders who proofread and edit manuscripts from a variety of subject areas. Enago.com has implemented adept processes and employs cutting edge technologies for editing your academic papers efficiently. They have an intuitive understanding of ESL challenges, professional editors, and quality centric processes to help them deliver ready to publish manuscripts.

Enago dot com Proofreaders

Enago dot com proofreaders possess the following qualities:

  • Average experience of 19.4 years
  • MS, MD, or PhD degrees from top universities of the world like Harvard, Yale and MIT
  • Native English speakers from US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Many of the editors at Enago dot com are published authors and former peer reviewers
  • Enago dot com editors have held reputed positions in various scientific societies and research publication industry.

Enago Special Features

Enago is one of the professional proofreading services because they have high quality editors who have been published authors and even former peer reviewers. They take pride in producing high quality proofreading services and many people find that the rates that they charge for their proofreading services are very reasonable. Not to mention the fact that they even have samples available so people can see the quality of their proofreading services before they even place an order with them.

Enago.com Reviews Found

Enago.com reviews that have been found that have been written by their prior customers have all been in a positive nature. None of their customers have classified them as being a Enago.com scam or Enago.com fraud. However, at the same time none of their customers have mentioned whether or not they have any type of Enago.com discount available either. Overall, it is safe to say that if you do use them for their proofreading services you will not be disappointed in the end.