KateProof.co.uk Review

KateProof.co.uk Review

KateProof.co.uk is one of the proofreading and editing services that is run by a qualified an experienced freelance proofreader and copy editor with a passion for language and an eye for detail She offers a truly bespoke service with a focus on her clients individual needs using her experience gained from working in-house and freelance to provide customers with an accurate, high quality and professional end product which will help you and your written material stand out from the competition. She is fully proficient in the use of British standard proofreading symbols and can markup hard copies and posts them back or everything can be done electronically with annotations/sticky notes on a PDF or using tracking changes on a Word document. This means that regardless of where you are located KateProof.co.uk can offer you the same high stands of proofreading and editing services. She has experience proofreading books, magazines, websites, university papers, business documents and even annual reports. She even has experience working with texts written by non-native speakers so she can edit those company reports, websites, and other documents so they can read as though they were created by a native speaker or writer.

Kate Proof dot co dot UK Proofreaders

Kate Proof dot co dot UK is a one woman proofreading and editing service. Kate has the experience and knowledge that she needs to provide you with high quality proofreading services as if she was a member of a big online proofreading an editing service.

Kate Proof Special Features

Kate Proof is special because she is a one woman show. This means that you will deal with her throughout the entire process and you do not have to worry about who is going to be proofreading your work as she will be the one providing the professional proofreading services to you. Feel free to check her credentials.

KateProof.co.uk Reviews Found

KateProof.co.uk reviews that have been left by customers indicate that there is no KateProof.co.uk scam or KateProof.co.uk fraud taking place within this company. However, none of the testimonials left by customers indicate whether or not any KateProof.co.uk discounts were provided to them.