Review Review is one of the online proofreading services that are run by Mark Cochane. Mark works as a fully qualified English teacher so you can be sure that his proofreading and editing services are top of the line. Not to mention the fact that he holds his Master’s Degree. His teaching specialism focuses on teaching English to speakers of other languages. However, now his career has shifted towards proofreading and editing after a prolonged exposure to the common grammatical and syntactical errors people make when writing in English as a second language. Errors in writing can range from very basic grammar or spelling mistakes, to more complicated syntax problems associated with readability.

Mr. Proofread is growing! This means that it is impossible for Mark to be able to proofread and edit every document that is submitted to, so he has taken extra care to select top quality English language professionals to work with Everything is still proofread and edited to the highest standards, though, with no exceptions.

Mr Proofread dot com Proofreaders

Mr. Proofread dot com proofreaders consist of Mark Cochane, who is a qualified English teacher and other quality English language professions. They always scribe to do the best proofreading work possible to keep their clients happy and according to proofreading services reviews they have been doing just what they have set out to do.

Mr Proofread Special Features

Mr. Proofread is known for being able to turn around their proofreading and editing services in as little as twelve hours. They also stand out among the other professional proofreading services do to the fact that they are also composed of a team of language professionals with the owner and creator of Mr. Proofread being an qualified English teacher who holds a master’s degree. Reviews Found reviews indicate that this online proofreading service is 100% legit and there is no scam or fraud going on. However, what customers do not reveal in their reviews of is whether or not there is some type of discount available for new or existing customers.