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Sibia Proofreading dot com Proofreaders

Sibia Proofreading dot com consists of three proofreaders:

Christopher: Christopher holds a PhD in pathobiology that he obtained at Columbia University where he published several breakthroughs in the molecular mechanisms of cancer. His continued research and publication record has given him the knowledge and experience needed to help other scientists communicate their findings.

Joanna: Joanna has a background in the social sciences and received her MSc from University College London and also has a teaching qualification from Oxford University. She has extensive proofreading experience from the Office of Fair Trading in London among other places.

Marc: Marc is a freelance journalist and editor with a significant experience in his field. He holds he BA and has an excellent eye for detail while also working as a sub-editor on the news desk of Fairfax, Australia’s premier media company.

Sibia Proofreading Special Features

Sibia Proofreading has an easy five step process that they use when it comes to their professional proofreading services. They also are able to provide reasonable turnarounds for their proofreading services at affordable rates.

Sibia Reviews Found

Sibia reviews found on reviews of proofreading services websites conclude that Sibia is 100% legit and there is no Sibia scam or Sibia fraud taking place. However, even though the customers reveal that they are pleased with the quality of the work provided to them by Sibia none of them mentioned whether or not they received any type of Sibia discount.